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MR SCARY GUITARS  George Lynch Carved Headhunter 6-String Electric Guitar

MR SCARY GUITARS George Lynch Carved Headhunter 6-String Electric Guitar

Left Handed Available

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MR SCARY GUITARS George Lynch Carved Headhunter 6-String Electric Guitar  Market Price:$4000.00


About the MR SCARY GUITARS George Lynch Carved Headhunter 6-String Electric Guitar


Hand carved by George Lynch himself, feast your eyes on this awesomely radical guitar! Mr. Lynch created this custom ax from his modified ESP Tiger body guitars and is part of his Mr. Scary Guitars line that he has personally put together.


It looks sick, but how does it play? Let's just say that GL put as much effort into its aesthetics as he did its play ability and tone. Shred ability is top-notch with low action and a wide neck. The tone is fantastic too, using the high quality wood borrowed from ESP and the great ranged custom pickup from Seymour Duncan. It has a surprising amount of versatility and definition, but I suppose that's what we can expect by now from this guy.


The visuals on the guitar are ridiculous. He has hand carved out the grooves and tiger pattern, embedded real animal bones into the body, carefully distressed the hardware, and even slapped a skull on as the volume knob. The amount of detail is crazy and yet totally unique. He has put together several of these Head Hunters, and while similar, are all different.


So if you're looking for a legendary ax to display and/or shred on that's completely unique and hand made by the dude himself - here's your chance!


This guitar is played once to make the video and in mint condition, also comes with its own custom hard case.



Maple Fret board

Maple Neck

Custom "Tiger" body

22 Jumbo Frets

Custom Hardware

Gotoh Tuners

Floyd Rose Original Bridge

Seymour Duncan Custom wound pick up

Finish: Hand carved, distressed, natural

NAMM SHOW Guitar! Includes ESP hard case





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