Gibson J200 Super Jumbo Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar

 Pete had these guitars fitted with Fishman Acoustic Matrix pickup systems for use 1996–2006. For 2006, he had the Gibson J-200s fitted with Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend pickup system, which can be identified by their characteristic round gibson j 200 guitar control panel inside the soundhole, and gooseneck microphone. The double-coil humbucking pickup, invented by Gibson engineer Seth Lover, debuted in 1957 on the Standard and Custom, introducing the sound that would shape rock and roll music in the 1960s.

The lightweight bracing pattern inside the J200 Standard—the same pattern used in Gibson’s first Super Jumbo in 1937—is constructed to support and strengthen a very large surface, thus allowing the top more freedom of movement to vibrate and project sound. The placement of the braces inside the J200 also creates powerful, deep lows with full frequency range, producing the incredibly balanced, huge sound Gibson’s Super Jumbos are so noted

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