Elvis Presley Arthritis silences notes

 After the solid success of Elvis: That’s the Way It Is, and with his career as a movie actor having reached a standstill, Elvis Presley undertook a second concert documentary. Elvis on Tour trails after the King on a few concert dates in 1972, as he  elvis presley j 200 guitars powers through a curious set list that downplays the classic hits in favor of the likes of “Polk Salad Annie” and “Proud Mary.” Rehearsal footage, preshow jitters, and after-hours sessions singing gospel with the gang are included; most revealing is a sequence that follows Elvis off stage and into his waiting limo, where he towels off in exhaustion, cracks a few jokes, and listens to the praise of the entourage.

Although Elvis spent much of the rest of his childhood living in Memphis , Booth says, he often came back to play in Tupelo as an adolescent and young adult. "He came into the store one day looking like he'd slept in his clothes for a week," says Booth, who was also unimpressed with the young man's longer, "greasy-looking" hair. "I walked over and waited on him. He bought a couple guitar picks and left, and I thought he was just some crummy looking guy who had come in."

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