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 Elvis Presley First GuitarAs the child carried on, Bobo suggested a guitar. He told him, "Sit here and play with this guitar-you'll like it," Booth says. Elvis wanted the rifle, but his mother told him he couldn't have it, and that elvis presley j-200 gibson was her final decision. So he cried some more. But finally he plunked on the guitar, because it was that or nothing. Bobo told him, "If you play that, you might be famous someday"-just to calm his disappointment.

Elvis Presley is a legendary rock star who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee. He got his sound from the pop, gospel, rhythm and blues and country music that was available in Memphis while he was growing up there. He became a recording artist in 1954. It took only two years for him to become one of the most popular recording artists of his time. He played only two musical instruments professionally. The guitar was his obvious favorite.


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