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Our custom shop is dedicated to build your dream guitar into reality. You can choose either our regular guitar models or customize your own guitars. With pics and a few specs only, we can make you an exact same guitar as your dreamed.
You can contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. Then we will discuss these options and figure out what is the best for you. Your requirements are very important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service. Our target is to give you the best guitar ordering experience you’ve ever had.
If you want a great guitar with great tone, beautiful appearance and suitable weight, then the first thing is to select a suitable wood for your guitar.   
Every piece of wood has different grain and color from others. Some grains are special and really preferred by individuals, such as birdeye, quilted and flamed maple. But different people have different tastes; you may have your favorite patterns and colors. A good veneer is often a good choice to balance your need between good looking appearance and sound tone.
Furthermore, you have to consider your strength and then choose wood with proper weight. Some woods are light, such as basswood, alder and ash, but some are heavier, including maple, rosewood, and ebony and so on.
Actually, you can demand other woods if you have a different choice in mind, and we'll do our best to fulfill your requirements.
Usually, we use “wilkinson” guitar parts (pickups and hardware) on our guitars, but if you want to choose other models, we have all the options you can choose from EMG pickups, DiMarzio to Seymour Duncan pickups. We offer a variety of hardware components for your custom guitar, including Floyd Rose double locking tremolo systems, Wilkinson, Tone Pros to Kahler Tremolo bridges. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. 
High performance, low cost guitar and bass hardware designed by the UK’s leading guitar guru – Trev Wilkinson. Wilkinson brings many years of expertise and engineering knowledge to a new range of guitar and bass hardware.

These new designs may be LOW in price but they are BIG on features and function. Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was established 20 years ago in California and its simple, functional, user friendly designs have become "standards of the industry". They are demanded by professional players and discerning guitar companies around the world. This new range pays homage to the more ‘traditional’ styles of the past but, by utilizing many of the features of the unique Wilkinson designs, we feel that they are unsurpassed in tone, style and function. Extra special attention has been paid to all key areas of the manufacturing process.

Whether you are building a ‘vintage style’ instrument or a new ‘cutting edge design’ guitar or bass, you will find the answer to your hardware choice here.
Guitar finish is very important for the protection and beautify of a guitar. 
First, a finish can prevent the wood from color change and can protect a guitar from absorbing or losing water under different atmospheric conditions, especially to the parts that often keep touching with players' hands.
Besides, although guitars are usually considered of their sounds or tones, it's still important to have a quality guitar with a pleasant appearance. Nowadays it's even more fashionable for guitar players to have a guitar with a personalized finish, and young people tend to pursue stylish appearance.
Our luthiers are all engaged in the career of electric guitar production for more than a decade. With their creative thought and hard work, the guitars in their hands always have no fixed models and will all turn out fabulous.At the same times, they continues the study and exploration for all kinds of top guitars in the world in order to have a rich experience in building all of body shapes and constructions. It is a wise decision to choose them, they can blend many elements into a unique guitar, and turn your dream guitar into reality.

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