Hand Painting and Relic Work

 Hand painting and relic work

In our shop, there are outstanding hand painting and relic specialists. They can definitely build you a perfect guitar with painting and relic job and in exactly the way you want.
Customized hand painted design adds vitality to guitars. You are able to choose from our hand painting guitars section, and also able to customize your own guitar. Check our hand painting guitars in the ready made list, and the below pics are some custom hand painting guitars, you can check what we can do. Look at the painting carefully. It is very smooth and has a strong third dimension. 
Sample pic
Besides, all of our hand painted guitars are very attractive appearance and quality intermediate to professional standard, electrically tested and in great working order. For beautifully hand painted instead of vinyl decals, you need a professional painter. Our design lines are technical computer photo-shop drawings and carefully hand-painted. All dedicate work here! 
In recent years, we set up a new service department, and start to customize relic guitars for relic guitar lovers world widely. We can make relic guitars just exactly like ones famous players used and can offer you a full line of Custom Relic Finishes. The photos below are only a few samples of the type of work we can do; and we also encourage our customers to send us a photo and we will try our best to make it in exactly the same way.
We offer affordable relic guitars to the public to help them achieve the aged guitar look and feel that has eluded them due to high costs. And we offer aged thin Nitro finishes which is more like the original lacquer. Our guitars are made by pure Japanese relic technique, according to correct aged guitars making method and production process. The grain and color is natural but not affected, absolutely not sanded with a knife or sand paper by any worker. We will not make anything that we ourselves would not play. 
Have fun surfing here and checking out our products and services. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or request. We hope you enjoy your visit and have a great time building your dream guitar!!
Mail us for much HD pictures. If you want affordable high quality hand painted guitars, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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