Left handed guitars

Left handed guitars


As a professional guitar custom shop, we totally understand the trouble for a left handed guitarist to choose an ideal and suitable guitar. Among all of the guitar styles, the number of left hand versions guitars is so miserly small! As for left handed relic guitars, the situation turns even worse! Some left handed players even choose to reverse the strings on a right handed guitar, but it is not the same as purchasing a left handed instrument. Because left handed guitars are specialty musical equipment, finding a guitar that meets individual needs and accommodates the player's style is more difficult for a left handed guitarist than it is for a right handed guitarist.


But in our custom shop, you are the most welcomed customers. No matter what guitar you are interested in, we can make it left handed for you, no problem! And you can even just send us pictures of a right handed guitar, we can easily change it to the left one. Amazing, isn't it?


We have been working on guitar manufacturing for many years, we have many advantages in processing skills, sourcing and storing woods, accessories and raw materials. So we can quote a lower price than other guitar shops. Although we do not have world famous guitar masters, we have a batch of conscientious luthiers who have been finely trained and whose products are accepted by global customers.Besides, we have very nice talented craftsmen on reprocessing field, they are absolute masters on custom left handed guitar, so that we could step further to explore new models. 


Our shop is a place where the left is always right! Please feel free to contact us. We will surprise you!

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