The below are our buyer review parts, you can check all these videos in the below link.


All videos there were shot by our buyers themselves. They are showing their new ordered guitar on the video to share with all our new friends, if you like to see how exactly our guitars are, please watch these videos below as references.


If you'd like to shoot videos for us and to show your new guitar to other buyers and share your order experience, please contact us via the following email address. Please mention our email address in your video. Many thanks for your strong support!


And the next part is our customer’s feedback for your reference. Please check them.You will be blown away by our guitars and service!


I bought this guitar and I love it! Plays great, well set up and the Wilkinson pickups sound really good for classic rock from say the 70's or 80's. Paint job is perfect, 5 stars!!!


I can absolutely recommend Peerless customg uitars as facilitators for any kind of production of either already made models or custom build. Any detail is taken care of and any requirement are met. Even while building the communications continue to ensure a satisfying outcome.Sincerely Steffen, Denmark





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